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1 December

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Yep it's the last month of the year and oh my hasn't it come around so quickly! Well, they say time flies when you're having fun, and 2014 has definitely been a fun one, much of it thanks to you lovely people! 

As I welcome in the final month of 2014 it's so tempting to look forward to 2015 already and get a head start... as it's definitely already filling up and looking exciting, but I am trying to pause! To stop and enjoy this last month and see off 2014 with my full presence and embrace joy of what it is, not rushing through it in a blink. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm the first to admit that it can be a slightly stressful month. With commitments to see everyone from family to those who you 'have to catch up with before Christmas', to getting all the Christmas shopping done, and then there's the copious amounts of food and drink always around (and tempting), it can be a struggle to stay relaxed, calm and healthy. But this year my goal is to embrace this month and all it's fullness. To make the most of everyone's joy, to spend time with those I love, to make Christmas shopping a fun experience (and not last minute) and to take it as an opportunity to get creative with Christmas inspired healthy food. I also aim to make exercising very much a part of my month to keep that balance right, and also know the right times to let it go and just have fun! 

So here's to December everyone.. make it an AWESOME one!

With love & delight,

Tash xxx







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