Tuning in to the Body

9 December

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Dear lovely Yogis,

I've recently had the pleasure of wirintg a gurst bog for Dig Mondays and thought it would be nice to also share it with you. So here it is.. I hope you enjoy!

The word yoga is often translated as ‘union’, however another translation of the Sanskrit word is ‘yoke’.

The practice of yoga is seen as a yoking, maybe a yoking of mind and body, breath and movement, body and soul? I prefer the term yoke as there’s something less smooth about this transition, and more solid once it’s fused. A union is often an easy connection, like 2 perfect puzzle pieces, but when yoking there is a bit of effort made in order to bring the 2 elements together, and for me this is a much more accurate description.

When I started yoga there was nothing simple and easy about moving with the breath, or allowing my mind body to work as one. It’s alarming really…we would assume it’s natural for this to be how we function, but sadly, I found in both myself and as a yoga teacher, that many of us are disconnected from ourselves, our bodies, our emotions, even our hearts.

When we live in this state of disconnect then it’s easy to just go on without ever questioning what we’re doing, why are we doing it, how we feel about it or how it may be affecting us?

Through the practice of yoga I became much more in tune with my body. This tuning in – it wasn’t always easy! At times it was uncomfortable, frustrating and even reduced me to tears on my mat. Why? Not because I couldn’t perfect my downward facing dog, but because it was making me alive and awake in my body, and un-tapping my ‘stuff’ that I had potentially become numb to or plain ignored.

The beauty of it, is that once you are aware of this connection, once you really feel, then you can’t ignore it anymore!

The intuition of the mind and the body is an incredible thing. We are amazing creatures that can sense so much, but often we choose to not listen. Once we start to hear it, then amazing things can happen. We become aware of our true potential, we have a deeper understanding of who we are, what we stand for, and what we want to share with the world, and then the binds are untied and the wings start to grow – we can fly!

As a vinyasa yogi and teacher, my yoga is always flowing, and for me this perfectly mirrors life. Life should flow naturally, without the jarring and friction. Of course challenges will fall in our path, that is how we learn and grow, and often it is our approach to these challenges that in tern affect everything else, but ultimately if something is working out as it should then it feels natural and easy. When everything begins to work in this perfect flow, you know it is meant to be, it is yoking perfectly! 

I practice this on my mat every day, so that when I leave my mat and venture into the world I can approach everything with this clarity and intuition. The more I practice the more obvious it is when something isn’t flowing right, and that’s my cue that it’s not meant to be. So I get back on my mat, I listen deeply, and the more I listen, the louder the answers become. The more I practice and find that connection to all the elements that make up ME, the more I know how to take my next step – then everything falls into place, everything becomes yoked!

Natasha x 


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