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Yoga In The Gallery

24 September

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Upcoming Event: 

21 October 2014, 7:15 - 9:30pm
The exact location is still a secret. We'll start sending you clues about it after you've purchased your ticket.
I'm delighted to be teaching a yoga popup event with Secret urban Escape. Here's what they ahve to say about it...
At Secret Urban Escape we like to mix things up, so you can expect something different from each event. Some might make you #SWEAT, #RELAX, #MOVE and so much more...
At this event you will:
Join us for a yoga class with a difference as you awaken your senses while moving your body. Enjoy a delicious yoga flow as you feast your eyes on inspiring artwork and soothe your soul through beautiful live music. Feel your stresses melt away as you take some time to wind down and reboot. 
Complete your evening escape with a wander around the gallery enjoying healthy bites, refreshing juices and calming tea. This is the perfect Autumn urban escape and will definitely leave you feeling invigorated and ready for the winter months ahead.
For more infomration and to but your ticket go visit

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Let the music play on...

21 March

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Lovely Yogis, 

As a yogi and musician, with equal passion and experience in both areas, I can't help but get such a buzz from music in my yoga practice and have decided to share with you a few thoughts on this topic as well as a few of my favourite tracks for playlists. 

I understand that there are two mindsets in terms of playing music during a yoga pratice. On one hand, the music can help pace the class, get into peoples heart strings and offer an extra element for transformation. On the other hand, some people argue that this takes away form the yoga practice itself and may act as a distraction? I find myself a bit biased here.. fusing music and yoga for me is the ultimate bliss.. I just cant help but put on a track that inspires me and finding my body flowing in a new way on the mat.

I have however found many benefits form a silent practice. At times turning off all noise and allowing yourself time in silence is important. It is also an interesting exercise to let your body flow to it's own natural rhythm.. finding the pace that feels natural to that spirit in that moment rather than moving to the beat of the music, which may not be fitting with your true rhythm at that time. 

Personally, I enjoy a lovely mix of th two, choosing music or no music depending on my mood and honoring what would be ost benefitial for my practice in that moment. Sometimes a silent practice can be very medatitve and soothing, however I can't help but enjoy turning up my favourite tracks and rocking on my mat! 

I have recently had many people ask me about my playlists and comment on how much they enjoyed it during their practice... thank you so much for all your comments.. and for those of you who have asked.. I have decided to post a few snippets of playlists to get you going, and hopefully inspire you the next time you get on your mat. 

So here is the first one.. Enjoy!

Mini Playlist For..

Shakin' Up Shakti 

Goodnight and Go - Imogen Heap

Sunday Shining - Finley Quaye

Porcelain - Moby

Shiva - MC Yogi

Save Me - Gotye

Free Fallin' (Live) - John Mayer

Skinny Love - Birdy


With love, light and music.. Namaste

Tash xx 

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Forget your troubles c'mon get happy..

17 October

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I often find people look very serious in class as they concentrate on what they’re doing. You can see the cogs turning as they think about work, whether they have the limbs in the right place, if they’re breathing the right way and so much more.

As much as our practice is an opportunity to delve into our inner landscape and a time for contemplation that often provokes a more introspective quality, occasionally it feels really good to mix it up a little.

This has led me to offer up a little variation you might enjoy from time to time, to practice what I like to call 'freestyle happy yoga'. As one of my dearest friends suggests ‘ put on my happy song and dance around’. It can do wonders for your spirit and your energy. I invite you to practice the same way, let your mat become your own little party space!

Put on some fun you would want to dance to, sing to.. it can be anything, rock, reggae, pop.. anything that brings a smile to your face and makes you want to tap your feet and swing your hips.




Practice while singing along and dancing to the songs and don’t think about what you’re doing.. just do it!

Flow as if you’re dancing to the music and just see where you end up.. it may end up as a conventional yoga pose, it may just end up off the mat dancing around the room, it doesn’t matter. The point is that you move intuitively and let your body shake out whatever it might be holidng. It can feel so liberating to break free from our regular practice for a moment, and the movements and music will raise your vibration, leaving you feel energized and free for your practice to follow.  After a while if you find yourself wondering off.. come back to the mat and see if you can fuel the energy, excitement and fun into the practice. Let your yoga practice be an expression of who you are, the fun free spirit that is all of us!

Enjoy, smile and have fun!

With love and bundles of happiness to you all,

Tash x



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