Pick Me Up Shake

1 October

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This morning I woke up feeling a little BLAH...

Stomach ache, hedache, shivery all over.. the usual suspects really :-/ 

Maybe it's the changing weather, maybe it's the bugs going around, whatever it is I didn't appreciate it at 5:30am! So after being snuggled on my sofa for a few hours I decided to mix up some goodness to help pick me up and fix me up! 

So here it is.. my Pick Me Up Shake recipie (and yummy too by the way)

Pick Me Up Shake

  • Banana
  • Apple
  • Organic Whey Protien Powder (I went for vanilla rather than chocolate for  fresher taste - Sunwarrior is my favourite)
  • Chai Seeds
  • Flaxseed with probiotic & Vit D - Great for getting the sunshine vitamins when its getting grey outside (Linwoods is a good make)
  • Clean Greens (Pukka Herbs) - for a good old cleanse in case something nasty is brewing
  • Topped up with a good dose of coconut water 

So there it is.. mix it all up and enjoy the goodness! Pair it with a nice slow restoring yoga practice and some pick me up tunes and you're good to go!

Here's to a brighter day.. Cheers!!


Tash x 

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