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Ain't no mountain high enough

14 February

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Dear Yogis, 

I don't know about you but sometimes I find it's easy to get a little stuck in a rut with my practice. I can be drawn to certain poses, families of poses, or even a praticular flow that I practice as a default in my self practice. I try to shake this up as often as possible and have found the best way to do this is by setting myself some wonderful goals. 

Goal setting doens't have to be big and year long, sometimes the smaller mid-way goals are all that bit more ahcievable and can help break down that biy ultimate goal. So make a plan.. 

I invite you to think of ways to shake up your practice, maybe even intorduce poses that may be a little daunting, and perhaps make that a long term goal, for example giving yourself a year to master it? Then what I suggest is looking at ways to build up to that, or smaller phases inside it, and set yourself goals to achieve them within that time frame. Let it be realistic! And make it fun! :-)

Mix it up, so you don't get frustrated, but give yourself a target of times you have to work on it in a week or month.. because practice really does make perfect. 

Don't let the fear come in here.. believe in your own abilities and potential and know that it is all about working on the smaller managable chunks to eventually get to the bigger goal.. and you will get there! You are already one step closer.. 


Tash x 


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