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Pleazzzzze can I have more zzzzz’s

28 September

Oh 8 hours sleep.. how I miss you!

Believe it or not I used to be one of those people who struggles to get up before 8am. Ok.. I still am! Haha But I have managed to find ways of making sure that the quality of sleep I get makes the quantity not so bad!

Ever have trouble sleeping? Get so tired that once you’re actually in bed you can’t relax and switch off?

Yes we can all suffer from the good old insomnia gremlin form time to time so here are a few tips I find helpful when I’m struggling to doze off… hope they help you sleep like a baby!

1. Switch Off!

As in completely switch off.. I don’t just mean mentally, I mean switch off the phone, the computer and the TV!  I know sometimes it’s nice to ‘switch off’ the brain watching some mindless TV, but it feels even better to turn it all off altogether. Instead how about trying one or more of the following….

2.  Evening Yoga

Certain yoga postures can induce a calmer more restful nights sleep. Just a few simple stretches and poses can make a massive change to your nervous system, preparing you for a restful nights sleep. Try some of these and hold the poses for a few minutes at least, close the eyes, focus on a long steady breath and release into them.

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana – Pigeon Pose. Lower the head to rest the forehead on the floor, back of the hands or on a brick.

Upavista Konasana  - Seated Wide Legged Forward Fold. 

Supta Baddha Konasana – Reclined Cobbler Pose. This works well with a bolster under the back

Viparita Karani - Legs up the wall. A bolster can also be used here under the hips (as shown below).

Savasana – Corpse Pose. Finishing a practice with this can lead you straight into your sleep (so don’t be far from your bed).

3.  Listen to music

Something calm… maybe trying out a little classical music. Classical music has actually been proved to help the production of serotonin in the brain, helping ease tension and increase our sense of joy and pleasure. I highly recommend the incredible artist Ludovico Einaudi, who’s music can transform us.. his beautiful piano pieces are often heard during relaxation in my classes.. pure bliss!

4. Have a Bath

Creating a bedtime ritual can do wonders for preparing the mind for rest. I recommend having a bath, with candles and soft music, creating your own mini home retreat. Add some lavender bath oils to soothe the mind and body and then get straight into bed… it won’t be long before you’re snozzzzzzing away!

5.  Read a Book

Reading it a wonderful way of ending your day without over stimulation the brain before sleep. Have a book by your bedside that is purely for nighttime reading. I would recommend it be nothing academic or to do with work or studying, let it me something lighthearted and fiction to help the brain move from the thinking side to the more creative dreamlike state.

Know that you can pick one of the above, or try them all out. I find that a nice combination of them all can make for a lovely evening ritual, preparing you for a peaceful sleep. Once you’ve done this a few times the body starts to recognize this ritual and it become easier to unwind each time.

These are only a few of the tips on this vast subject topic so there is plenty more on this to come!

Enjoy, goodnight and sweet dreams J


Tash x


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In with the new…

27 September

Welcome to my new blog… it’s very exciting times in the yogic world of Mata Yoga with a new website, new blog and new classes! Woohooo!

With all things new, it has me thinking about how we approach new beginnings… with an element of excitement, a fresh perspective and an air of openness to all possibilities.

We celebrate a new year, a new home, a new birthday.. so why not celebrate a new day.. everyday!

This week I invite you to celebrate each and everyday. Every morning let’s look at the new beginning that has revealed itself for us to enjoy – a day with endless possibility!

Each morning this week I invite you to approach each day as the exciting start of something new, by joining me in picking one or more from the list below…

Dance for 5 mins to holiday music - you know the kind that makes you feel like you’re on a beach somewhere sipping cocktails with umbrellas in it!

Wear something in your wardrobe that you save for special occasions – Today is that special day!

Start the day with a lovely morning practice – but shake it up a little and try something different – a new pose, new soundtrack or new space to practice in.. maybe even take it outside and sun salute to the sunrise!

Sing a ‘pick me up’ song – whether it be in the morning shower or while you’re waiting for your toast, go on.. wake the neighbours up as you warm up those vocals!

Relax! Get up 10 mins earlier to sit in peace and quiet and do absolutely NOTHING before your day kicks off. The peace and quiet won’t last long so savor every second of it to ease you through your day.

Feel free to join me and let me know how you get on


Tash x

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