A Leap Of Faith

7 October

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Taking A Leap Of Faith

Isn't this world a funny old place sometimes?

There is something I have been finding a challenge in my working life that has been at play for some time, maybe even a few years. Today the penny dropped!

I've been on a fun rollercoaster ride of ignoring it completely, recognizing it, acknowledging its playing up, and then ignoring it again.. and so on, you get the gist. The truth is I didn't feel ready to listen. The signs were all there, the universe was giving me all the clues, but I persisted in what I thought was right. I followed my same patterns, even though I knew they didn't work many times over. But that's what we do in life isn't it? We are creatures of habit, and we like to follow the crowd (at least I know I do) until maybe finally we realize it is no longer serving us. I believed that in order to get to a certain place I had to take the same path as everyone else, the truth is, I am no one else, I am me! 

So today I have decided to take my leap of faith! To continue on my journey into this world and career my way. I hear my Dad's favourite song 'My Way' by Frank Sinatra singing in my ears and I have butterflies in my tummy, the kind I only get when I know I'm about to make a big decision, to follow my own signs and listen to my own calling.

Dear universe I finally get the hint.. and this time I will try my best to listen up. The thing holding me back is fear, of course, it always is isn't it? But I will try to be brave, to not look left or right and keep my gaze straight ahead, into that distance that right now looks beautiful and bright!

Wish me luck.. and please stick around for the journey (I've got the feeling it will be an interesting one)

With love,

A slightly terrified but feeling brave Tash x  











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