Welcome December

1 December

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Yep it's the last month of the year and oh my hasn't it come around so quickly! Well, they say time flies when you're having fun, and 2014 has definitely been a fun one, much of it thanks to you lovely people! 

As I welcome in the final month of 2014 it's so tempting to look forward to 2015 already and get a head start... as it's definitely already filling up and looking exciting, but I am trying to pause! To stop and enjoy this last month and see off 2014 with my full presence and embrace joy of what it is, not rushing through it in a blink. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm the first to admit that it can be a slightly stressful month. With commitments to see everyone from family to those who you 'have to catch up with before Christmas', to getting all the Christmas shopping done, and then there's the copious amounts of food and drink always around (and tempting), it can be a struggle to stay relaxed, calm and healthy. But this year my goal is to embrace this month and all it's fullness. To make the most of everyone's joy, to spend time with those I love, to make Christmas shopping a fun experience (and not last minute) and to take it as an opportunity to get creative with Christmas inspired healthy food. I also aim to make exercising very much a part of my month to keep that balance right, and also know the right times to let it go and just have fun! 

So here's to December everyone.. make it an AWESOME one!

With love & delight,

Tash xxx







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A Leap Of Faith

7 October

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Taking A Leap Of Faith

Isn't this world a funny old place sometimes?

There is something I have been finding a challenge in my working life that has been at play for some time, maybe even a few years. Today the penny dropped!

I've been on a fun rollercoaster ride of ignoring it completely, recognizing it, acknowledging its playing up, and then ignoring it again.. and so on, you get the gist. The truth is I didn't feel ready to listen. The signs were all there, the universe was giving me all the clues, but I persisted in what I thought was right. I followed my same patterns, even though I knew they didn't work many times over. But that's what we do in life isn't it? We are creatures of habit, and we like to follow the crowd (at least I know I do) until maybe finally we realize it is no longer serving us. I believed that in order to get to a certain place I had to take the same path as everyone else, the truth is, I am no one else, I am me! 

So today I have decided to take my leap of faith! To continue on my journey into this world and career my way. I hear my Dad's favourite song 'My Way' by Frank Sinatra singing in my ears and I have butterflies in my tummy, the kind I only get when I know I'm about to make a big decision, to follow my own signs and listen to my own calling.

Dear universe I finally get the hint.. and this time I will try my best to listen up. The thing holding me back is fear, of course, it always is isn't it? But I will try to be brave, to not look left or right and keep my gaze straight ahead, into that distance that right now looks beautiful and bright!

Wish me luck.. and please stick around for the journey (I've got the feeling it will be an interesting one)

With love,

A slightly terrified but feeling brave Tash x  











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The Grounded Traveler

24 September

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I've been traveling a lot recently, as many of you know, and it has been brilliant! Truly I can't complain and I am grateful every day as it is something I have always wanted to be part of my life and my work, and feel so blessed that it is all now manifesting. However, the truth of it is that it can be a little ungrounding at times. Not only are you not at home and sleeping in your own bed, but living out of a suitcase, a lack of structure and the actual traveling itself can leave me (and maybe you too) feeling a bit 'off'. There always seems to be something unnatural about flying through the air in a plane at ridiculous speeds, to then step off in a new climate, new environment, new time zone.. wow no wonder our bodies and minds get a little confused! 

So from my many years of moving around I have come up with a few little steps that helps me along the way, and may help you too.. 

Tips For The Grounded Traveler  

  • Stay Hydrated - It's tempting to reach for the coffee and sugar, but flying is already extremely dehydrating so I ALWAYS board a plane with at least one big bottles of water (and if I can't find a big one at the airport I buy 2/3 small ones) I know it can be heavy to carry but you will feel a million times better when you land! Oh and go for an aisle seat, with the extra fluid you may need a few extra pit stops to the toilet!
  • Move - Make sure you move around when flying, it really is so important. I recommend getting up for walks and standing at the back of the plane to have a good stretch. At your seat you can move your ankles in circles to help blood flow, and as much as we don't like to be a wriggler and annoy the passengers next to us, a few little adjustments now and then will help circulation and posture. 
  • Travel Mat - The best investment you can make is a travel mat, it folds into your suitcase so it super easy to travel with and it's light. I have the Manduka One, but most mat brands offer them now. And then once you have one.. use it! The first thing you should do when you get to your hotel room and unpack, is get on your mat, even if it's just for a few minutes to stretch out and shake off the plane journey.  You can buy one at www.yogamatters.com/manduka-eko-superlite-travel-mat
  • Grounding poses -If you're feeling spacey, jet lagged or have that 'plane feeling' then get on your travel mat and do some grounding poses. Asana such as standing poses (Warrior II, Trikonasa) and some seated poses & hip openers (Wide Legged Seated Forward Fold, Pigeon Pose and Supine Twists) will help ground you, leaving you feeling more centered and connected to your new environment. 
  • Sleep with natural light - Let the natural light wake you up to help your body clock adjust. As wonderful as it is to have black out blinds in hotel rooms, it won't help that jet lag at all. So open those blinds and let the suns shine in, it's easy and very effective.
  • Get Outside - When I arrive somewhere new, the first thing I like to do in the morning is go for a run. It gets me out into the fresh air, I can check out the area I'm in, find the local cafes etc and gather by bearings, and the grounding running motion helps me ground into my day. If running isn't your thing then go for a nice brisk walk and take in your new temporary home. 



    Happy Travels!

    Tash xx  

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Yoga In The Gallery

24 September

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Upcoming Event: 

21 October 2014, 7:15 - 9:30pm
The exact location is still a secret. We'll start sending you clues about it after you've purchased your ticket.
I'm delighted to be teaching a yoga popup event with Secret urban Escape. Here's what they ahve to say about it...
At Secret Urban Escape we like to mix things up, so you can expect something different from each event. Some might make you #SWEAT, #RELAX, #MOVE and so much more...
At this event you will:
Join us for a yoga class with a difference as you awaken your senses while moving your body. Enjoy a delicious yoga flow as you feast your eyes on inspiring artwork and soothe your soul through beautiful live music. Feel your stresses melt away as you take some time to wind down and reboot. 
Complete your evening escape with a wander around the gallery enjoying healthy bites, refreshing juices and calming tea. This is the perfect Autumn urban escape and will definitely leave you feeling invigorated and ready for the winter months ahead.
For more infomration and to but your ticket go visit www.secreturbanescape.com

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Rise Up Rise Up

13 February

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Rise Up, Rise Up, and get back on track! 

After throwing myself head first into 2014 with an almighty launch, last week presented somewhat of a knock back. I got sick! (insert dramatic theme tune here)

Now I'm not going to get all 'man fluey' on you, however, I have to say that I haven't felt quite so dreadful in a very long time. Having to cancel my classes and basically spend the week at home was not only frustrating, but actually pretty un-motivating too. I had only just got into the swing of my new fitness regime and was really seeing progress when suddenly I had to sit on the sofa for a week, and do nothing!

As always, I took this as a lesson to learn from. I had the time to ponder and realised I had to be knocked a little, I actually needed this to happen. It occurred to me that everytime I get a wave of motivation, in many areas of life but, especially when it come to fitness, I throw myself into it head first and of course, inevitably run out of steam and it simply fades away. This time however, when it was taken away from me without my choosing, I craved it. I actually tried to find ways to fulfill not only my working needs but active. One evening (with a temperature), I attempted to do a little yoga, so not to 'lose' what I had achieved in the last weeks. This behaviour was very foreign for me, and I'm not going to lie, I found it all very odd, but what it taught me was how much my body had enjoyed these new healthy changes to my world. It yearned for it, even when I was sick, in fact, probably even more so when I was sick.

Previously when I was sick it was a great excuse to sit on the sofa and eat what I wanted, all rules went out the window when I had a sick pass. This time however, I took the all healthy approach, and recovered in no time feeling great. It also made me realise how important these new healthy habits are in my world and has allowed me to appreciate them, enforcing them as habits that will definitely stay.


So if you're feeling under the weather, try these healthy ways to beat the lurgy:

  • REST.. and don't feel guilty about it. If you need to sleep SLEEP, if you need to lie down, DO IT! Your body needs it and you'll only get better if you listen and do as it says. 


  • VITAMINS. So we all know we need Vit C when we're sick, however there are better ways to go about this intake other than guzzling orange juice from a carton. EAT your vitamins - they'll hold much more nutrients than the juiced variety. And it's not just in fruits, but veg too! 
  • BLUEBERRIES. Make sure you up the blueberry intake, they are bursting with powerful antioxidants that help boost immunity. Why not add a handful to you breakfast in the form of a shake, with yoghurt & granola or if you need that little treat there are always some yummy blueberry pancakes. 
  • GARLIC. Your housemates may not love you for it, but eat as much garlic as possible. I made sure I had a garlic filled meal at least once a day, as well as taking garlic supplements every morning. Well if it keeps the vampires away it must be able to scare off the bugs too!


  • GREEN TEA (and black and white.. really any tea, but green is my favorite!) Not only is this great for a sore throat and warming you up when you have the shivers, but it also contains antioxidants known as catechins, which are thought to have flu-fighting properties. So grab the tea bag, pop the kettle on and drink up! 


  • DARK CHOCOLATE. Yep chocolate is a great cure for colds and flues, but only the dark kind I'm afraid. So before you go grabbing a Kitkat, aim for something at least 70% or over. This way it will be full of polyphenols, a great antioxidant to help fight off those bugs, as well as containing zinc as an added bonus. Don't over do it, but a few small squares won't do you any harm. Also sucking on a small square it great for sore throats and if you've lost your voice. 



  • MANUKA HONEY. It really is the answer to almost every ailment in my house - if in doubt, grab the Manuka honey! It boasts antibacterial powers, the potency of this depending on the rating it has (10+ and so on), and was therefore predominantly used for treating wounds. However, it is now a regular household item and can also help with digestion and building immunity. It will also give you a much needed energy boost when you haven't been feeling well. I like to add it to hot water, fresh lemon and ginger for a yummy morning drink, but make sure the water is boiling and has cooled a little so as not to destroy the healthy bacteria. Manuka honey is also the most effect treatment for a sore throat and lost voice. When I was performing regularly and often losing my voice, eating Manuka honey off a spoon became a regular ritual before a gig, and it definitely helped keep those vocal chords in tact. 
Get Better Soon!!
Tash xx 

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What's going on..

4 February

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Are you ready London Yogis? It's time to get moving, stretching, running & relaxing... there is just SO MUCH GOING ON! What are you waiting for?? 

This year I decided to ramp up my fitness. As much as I love my daily yoga practice I realise that there was an element of being in my 'comfort zone' inside of that - it is time to shake things up a little and get a sweat on! So as part of the new mixed up fitness & health regime, I'm enjoying my yoga as well as: hot yoga, running, RealRyder (spinning), Pilates and personal training sessions.

Don't get me wrong... I am always a yogi at heart, through and through, and I'll never feel quite as natural lifting those weights or spinning on a bike, however it feels amazing to be challenging my mind and body in different ways. I'm amazed at the results of combining different fitness styles and methods, using my body in a variety of ways. Not only do I already feel stronger in general, but it's also having a really positive effect on my yoga practice too - with a stronger core, my arm balances are finally feeling a little lighter - result! My cardio has definitely been ramped up too, allowing me to move from a more heartfelt space on my mat. The most shocking of all is my improved flexibility, which is the one thing I wasn't expecting from my other workouts, however it seems that alongside my regular yoga, my body can recover quickly and the flexibility can actually be enhanced! 

Now as many of you know I'm always the most physically driven yogi, however my energy and clarity is definitely also getting a work out at the same time. The dedication it takes to go for a run in the cold, or push through another set of burpees, is very empowering, and knowing I've been able to do it feels incredibly rewarding at the end - and then it's off to my yoga mat to get that relaxing balance. 

Check out the best new ways to sweat... 

With this new inspiration I've been spending a lot of time looking into various ways to sweat, challenge myself and work out. So in case you've missed out on these hot new trends.. here are a few of the hottest! 

I've already tried many of these and will be spending the next few weeks trying and testing them out.. and of course filling you in along the way.. I CAN'T WAIT!

.. and of course let me know if you'd like to join me :-)



  • RealRyder @ Lomax -  Indoor cycling that takes spinning to a whole new level. These bikes steer, lean and feel like an actual bike making this a full body workout! For an extra challenge make sure you ask your instructor for the weighted vest.. and then get ready to pedal!
  • Barrecore - An intelligent, integrated workout combining interval training, and stretching of all the major muscle groups. I haven't made it there yet but will be heading there in the next few weeks.. want to join me? I'm excited! 
  • Barry's Bootcamp - From what I hear it's intense, amazing and addictive - Heading there next week! Come back to see how I get on. 
  • Pilates - I've been enjoying Pilates for a few years now and LOVE it! It works beautiful alongside yoga and also offers a great connection to the body, offering toning and lengthening to the whole body. Great for helping posture and back problems as it focuses on strengthening the core. I personally love the reformer, however there are some great teachers out there who mix things up a little. I'm currently trying out a few and will let you know where to find the top notch Pilates in London. 
  • Run Run Run! - It's free, it gets you outside in the (if you're lucky) sunshine, it's social if you find a run buddy and once you get the hang of it, it feels GREAT! I love running as its an easy one to fit in depending on how long you have, you don't have to go anywhere, just pop out the door and go! My only recommendation is to get a good set of trainers, make sure you have a good running form and pick some lovely locations to help boost the nature factor. Check out run routes near you here
It's gonna be a fun few weeks.. I can't wait!
Tash x 

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Tuning in to the Body

9 December

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Dear lovely Yogis,

I've recently had the pleasure of wirintg a gurst bog for Dig Mondays and thought it would be nice to also share it with you. So here it is.. I hope you enjoy!

The word yoga is often translated as ‘union’, however another translation of the Sanskrit word is ‘yoke’.

The practice of yoga is seen as a yoking, maybe a yoking of mind and body, breath and movement, body and soul? I prefer the term yoke as there’s something less smooth about this transition, and more solid once it’s fused. A union is often an easy connection, like 2 perfect puzzle pieces, but when yoking there is a bit of effort made in order to bring the 2 elements together, and for me this is a much more accurate description.

When I started yoga there was nothing simple and easy about moving with the breath, or allowing my mind body to work as one. It’s alarming really…we would assume it’s natural for this to be how we function, but sadly, I found in both myself and as a yoga teacher, that many of us are disconnected from ourselves, our bodies, our emotions, even our hearts.

When we live in this state of disconnect then it’s easy to just go on without ever questioning what we’re doing, why are we doing it, how we feel about it or how it may be affecting us?

Through the practice of yoga I became much more in tune with my body. This tuning in – it wasn’t always easy! At times it was uncomfortable, frustrating and even reduced me to tears on my mat. Why? Not because I couldn’t perfect my downward facing dog, but because it was making me alive and awake in my body, and un-tapping my ‘stuff’ that I had potentially become numb to or plain ignored.

The beauty of it, is that once you are aware of this connection, once you really feel, then you can’t ignore it anymore!

The intuition of the mind and the body is an incredible thing. We are amazing creatures that can sense so much, but often we choose to not listen. Once we start to hear it, then amazing things can happen. We become aware of our true potential, we have a deeper understanding of who we are, what we stand for, and what we want to share with the world, and then the binds are untied and the wings start to grow – we can fly!

As a vinyasa yogi and teacher, my yoga is always flowing, and for me this perfectly mirrors life. Life should flow naturally, without the jarring and friction. Of course challenges will fall in our path, that is how we learn and grow, and often it is our approach to these challenges that in tern affect everything else, but ultimately if something is working out as it should then it feels natural and easy. When everything begins to work in this perfect flow, you know it is meant to be, it is yoking perfectly! 

I practice this on my mat every day, so that when I leave my mat and venture into the world I can approach everything with this clarity and intuition. The more I practice the more obvious it is when something isn’t flowing right, and that’s my cue that it’s not meant to be. So I get back on my mat, I listen deeply, and the more I listen, the louder the answers become. The more I practice and find that connection to all the elements that make up ME, the more I know how to take my next step – then everything falls into place, everything becomes yoked!

Natasha x 


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Pick Me Up Shake

1 October

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This morning I woke up feeling a little BLAH...

Stomach ache, hedache, shivery all over.. the usual suspects really :-/ 

Maybe it's the changing weather, maybe it's the bugs going around, whatever it is I didn't appreciate it at 5:30am! So after being snuggled on my sofa for a few hours I decided to mix up some goodness to help pick me up and fix me up! 

So here it is.. my Pick Me Up Shake recipie (and yummy too by the way)

Pick Me Up Shake

  • Banana
  • Apple
  • Organic Whey Protien Powder (I went for vanilla rather than chocolate for  fresher taste - Sunwarrior is my favourite)
  • Chai Seeds
  • Flaxseed with probiotic & Vit D - Great for getting the sunshine vitamins when its getting grey outside (Linwoods is a good make)
  • Clean Greens (Pukka Herbs) - for a good old cleanse in case something nasty is brewing
  • Topped up with a good dose of coconut water 

So there it is.. mix it all up and enjoy the goodness! Pair it with a nice slow restoring yoga practice and some pick me up tunes and you're good to go!

Here's to a brighter day.. Cheers!!


Tash x 

Meditate the City Way - Part 2

21 March

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Dear Yogis, 

The sun is shining and the weather is sweet.. so make the most of it an get outside!!

We spend so much time in the city indoors and so why not spend time with nature again. I find nature to be the most fitting environment in which to meditate, think, and relax. I know personally I am most at one with myself when I'm in a place of true natural wonder. We are often so cut off form our natural habitat in a web of technology and modern luxuries that we sometimes forget that our beings need this connection in order to feel grounded, calm and nurtured. 

Our bodies need the sun to survive, it needs fresh air and the earth under our feet. I invite you to take your yoga practice and meditation outside.. anywhere at all. It may be to a local park, maybe  river or sea, depending on where you live. If you usually play music during your yoga practice or meditation, then try to resist and let the natural orchestra of life be your soundtrack. Begin to notice the sounds, smells, feelings all around you and let them be your guide. 

If a yoga practice or meditation isn't possible, then perhaps it is making the choice of taking the bus home instead of the tube so you can feel the sun on your face and watch the parks go by. Take your lunch outdoors and sit on a local bench or make the choice to walk a few stops on your way home, maybe stopping for a moment when you find a spot that looks pretty and peaceful to reflect.

Keep your eyes open for this meditation and let them absorb all the colours of nature, all the vibrant colours and textured around you. Let your attention take in all the sounds and the air on your skin. Start to become aware of the natural pulsation of life -the grass, the tress, the waves of the ocean, the insects, birds, animals -all moving to a rhythm that we are also alighned to but tend to switch off from. As you do this notice how you too are within this pulsation- your breath alone is working in beautiful unison with all of these things. The breath moving just like the waves of the ocean. 

With each inhalation think of taking in all of the beauty you see, the fresh air and sea breeze, or the smell of grass, taking it all into your body to create vibrance and colour within. With each exhalation let go of any stagnant energy that is no longer serving you - LET IT ALL GO! Think of each exhalation as a cleansing of your lungs and body, detoxing from the urban air and replacing it with fresh light air into the lungs and rejuvination your body and mind, refreshing your soul. 

Enjoy the beatiful gift of the outdoors :-)


Tash xx 

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